BDC Contractors Inc.

Standards of Service Quality

BDC’s standard of service quality is our cornerstone. With our professionalism and knowledge of our customers, we meet and exceed all the client’s needs. Our door to door service ensures that our clients are very well assisted. Because BDC only works with contracts, this gives the clients security that our company will wait for them or will be on time to pick them up. The goal of our company is that our clients will know that we will transport the best people in the world knowledgeably and passionately as our day to day job.

Our slogan is: BDC Contractor Inc. “We transport the best people in the world” and it is identified with patches on our vans including our telephone number. We work with people with special needs. With our extensive experience with these customers and our professionalism, we offer an unmatched service.

BDC’s rules are that we will always offer our fleet in perfect shape, be punctual, respectful, and most importantly, we will give exceptional service to our customers such as good personal attention and a comfortable environment on our trips. In winter time, the vans will have an excellent climate for the customer and in summer, the air conditioning operates perfectly. BDC always cover the routes in a way that is most comfortable and economical for the client. BDC deals with the customer’s complaints politely with the understanding that the client is always right, and our company will adopt the necessary corrective measures to always improve our services.

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